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Workplace & Community Mediation

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Summit is now offering workplace & community mediation. 


Workplaces are complex organizations and are comprised of people from diverse backgrounds who have different values, perspectives and opinions and expectations. There has always been conflict and when it begins to affect employees or the business, it is time to take action.

Differences between individuals can affect employee job satisfaction, increase absenteeism, reduce productivity, and ultimately affect profitability or success of a business.


Have you ever had a conflict with a neighbor and didn’t know what to do?

Have you experenced conflict in a sports team – parents or coaches who is creating trouble?

Have  you volunteered on a Board or organization only to find you are dealing with a difficult person? 

The good news is that there are several ways to resolve conflict successfully – and one is mediation.

Mediation is a way of managing conflict that uses an impartial person to help employees to resolve disagreements and can be employed early in a disagreement to avoid escalation to discipline, grievance, and termination.

The aim is to improve relationships and interactions and eventually settle disputes or complaints by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. All participants are encouraged to communicate respectfully and honestly in a confidential setting that supports open dialogue.

Laura is a qualified mediators whose experience help to facilitate necessary and sometimes difficult discussions in a positive, constructive, and safe environment to help all participants to share their experiences, explore issues and negotiate solutions together.

What is Mediation

Mediation is a confidential, informal, voluntary process where a neutral party helps to resolve a conflict. It allows people to discuss the issues, explore solutions and find agreements for working together. A mediator is skilled at de-escalating problems and encourage the people involved to share their concerns while respecting each other’s perspective.

Mediation is very effective for resolving interpersonal struggles between coworkers.

Some of the concerns that are heard in mediation:

  • Daily conflict between employees or supervisors and employees
  • Conflict in management teams
  • Conflict between customers, clients, or suppliers
  • Cultural conflicts arising from culture of the company or broader cultural differences of the parties.
  • Reputation damage from covert or overt conflict that includes harassment and bullying.
  • Conflict as a result of change including: staff/management changes, operational changes, growth/downsizing and termination.


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