Newmarket, Ontario

The Mediation Process

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The Mediation Process

STEP 1 – Discussion about Mandate

We begin with a meeting to discuss the following:

  • Confirm nature of the conflict
  • Name the individuals involved in the conflict and their roles.
  • Establish timeframe of the mediation (starting date, duration)
  • Overview of costs and hourly rate
  • Summary of next steps for mediation


STEP 2 – Individual Pre-mediation Meetings

During the mediation preparation phase, each participant is given the opportunity to speak alone with the neutral mediator to freely express their concerns, priorities, expectations, assumptions, fears, hopes, beliefs, and values in a positive, encouraging environment.

It is important that all parties are willing to participate – imposing mediation usually does not work.

This gives each person a chance to tell their story.


STEP 3 – Mediation

In the mediation meeting, participants identify and prioritize the issues and discuss them in detail to clarify any misunderstandings and perceptions.

The mediator’s role is to facilitate a constructive conversation to open their grievances, options, and preferences.

In mediation, each participant may also be accompanied by another individual, such as a union representative, lawyer, or friend, for professional advice or moral support.


STEP 4 – Agreement

The mediator will provide a draft report of the agreements reached in mediation. Each participant will have an opportunity to review the agreement including action items and timeframes agreed to in mediation.

Once the agreement is final, the participants will be provided with a copy.